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Fundación de Expresión Intercultural, Educativa y Ambiental

Carrera 6 No. 4-02, Floridablanca, Santander COLOMBIA, Suramérica.
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FUNDAEXPRESIÓN has co-ordinated the following community-based investigation projects with support and funding provided at national and international level:

“Community training to gain collective rights of water access with peasant women in the municipality of Lebrija".

“Participatory design of monitoring and evaluation schemes for self-empowerment of community organisations”,

“ Rainwater harvesting to improve food security and sustainable livelihoods of peasant farmer associations (Santander)”.

“Establishment of a community nature reserve in the Andean rainforest of La Judía (Floridablanca)"

“Pilot scheme to promote urban agriculture with community youth and women groups of the suburb El Reposo (Floridablanca)”, financed by Aldeas SOS - Colombia, 2007.

“Fostering of community forest conservation and sustainable production practices through the Campesino School of Agroecology - Soto Province of Santander"

"Implementation of associative marketing strategies and technological development alternatives for rural communities of Santander",

“Participatory education and investigation in agro-ecological farming practices for peasant communities of the Soto Province of Santander"

External project evaluation: “Development of local food security and nutritional support systems in municipalities of Magdalena Medio”.

“Community conservation and sustainable management of the Andean forest - Floridablanca”,

“Creative literary writing scheme and environmental education for the rural and urban youth population”, financed by Colombian Ministry of Culture, 2001 - 2003.

- "Training and appropriation of food processing techniques by small-scale farmers of Santander",

- “Environmental management and cleaner production technologies for selected industrial sectors of micro-enterprises”.


FUNDAEXPRESION - Floridablanca, Santander COLOMBIA
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