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Fundación de Expresión Intercultural, Educativa y Ambiental

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Civil society participation in public policies

Influencing policy and decision makers, as well as establishing local users rights, are key to establishing good governance towards a sustainable society. By strengthening social organisation and empowerment, the peasant communities have been able to improve their lobbying capacity and political-standing to voice their interests and needs in public policies

Although community - institutional dialogue is still deficient, in recent years it has been possible to achieve support and recognition for various community initiatives on behalf of the regional authorities and municipal governments.

Project activities also include advocacy to mitigate negative impacts of large-scale development schemes, and facilitating multi-stakeholder dialogue and raising public awareness. At a national level, we are also active members and regional co-ordinators of the following civil society campaigns and networks:

-National campaign - water as a fundamental right and environmental heritage.

-National campaign on biodiversity conservation and food sovereignty in 4 regions of Colombia (Santander, Caribbean coast, Valle - Cauca, Andean region).

-National campaign on food as a human right in Colombia.

-Civil society environmentalist movement in Colombia.

Others areas:

Agroecology and food sovereignty

Andean forest conservation
Community water management
Improved opportunities for women
Youth education and cultural identity
Socially just and ecological marketing
Community media resources
Civil society participation in public policies


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