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Fundación de Expresión Intercultural, Educativa y Ambiental

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Youth education and cultural identity

The rural infant and youth population are increasingly vulnerable to a series of interrelated threats that include the economic crisis of rural families, influence of urban-life and mass-media, government abandonment of rural education and the countries political conflict.

Developing alternative social and educational strategies to confront the difficult situation of young people has been a priority of our work. This pedagogic process collectively integrates teachers, parents and children, and embraces cultural and ecological identity as a central issue to achieving improved and sustainable livelihoods in the region.

We have also been supporting a rural youth training centre - Granja el Puente in its continued work (>25 years) to promote leadership, social cohesion and technical capacities in sustainable production and by developing income generation alternatives in a wide-range of rural municipalities of Santander.


Others areas:

Agroecology and food sovereignty

Andean forest conservation
Community water management
Improved opportunities for women
Youth education and cultural identity
Socially just and ecological marketing
Community media resources
Civil society participation in public policies


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